Security Solutions for Corporations & Government


Our Mission

We believe there is an emerging global demand of security of IoT devices in this space that will scale at exponential rates. We are positioning ourselves to enable that paradigm shift as the need for data-driven decision-making tools becomes paramount.

Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy is a digital marketing executive and consultant with over 20 years of experience in both the corporate and startup worlds. He has acted as a Digital Transformation Consultant for several Fortune 500 brands and has also helped struggling small businesses turn themselves around into profitability. His international experience has brought him to APAC, EMEA, MENA and LATAM, where he helped grow business from ideation into successful enterprises. He has also held a professorship, where he taught courses on digital marketing at a major university.

Angelo Vescio

Angelo is a research professional and technical executive with over 10 years of systems design, reverse-engineering, and prototyping experience. Several projects he has directed or advised have gone from conceptualization, to prototype, and finally to production. Angelo has been involved in all levels of research and development with a specific focus on security and resiliency of platforms and mobile communications. As a proposal investigator and coordinator, he has successfully brought together solutions to multiple customers involving varied systems and technologies. His specialties include low-level engineering, vulnerability analysis and remediation, and scoping technically difficult projects.

Kenneth Close

Ken began his career as a banker at Merrill Lynch where he focused on technology private placements. Since 1990, he has invested in and managed several technology start-ups many of which were in the telecom and security industries. He is well versed in cross-border technology transfer transactions including offset and industrial participation programs, export controls and public-private partnerships.

David Rocha

David is an accomplished senior business development executive and entrepreneur who has both built successful startups from revenue zero and helped large global enterprises enter new markets and verticals. By leveraging existing long-term relationships and forging strategic alliances, David has created success in multiple industries, including pro sports, intelligent transportation, IoT, cloud, cybersecurity and most recently AI. It is during his time in these last four industries he has worked with several of the largest telcos in the world.

Ignacio De Loera

Ignacio is a 15-year SaaS and cloud sales executive and entrepreneur focused on helping companies adopt cloud technologies while tailoring to the needs and objectives of C-level and technical teams. Ignacio specializes in penetrating markets in both private and public sectors in the United States and across LATAM. He is responsible for turning relationships into revenue-generating channels through gained trust and partnerships. Ignacio’s team focus is on creating a strong, enjoyable results driven environment for his coworkers and customers.

NeXCommC3 delivers secure communications at scale for security of IoT devices and leverages our industry expertise that is honed into protecting the most sensitive communications for governments, and some of the largest corporations in the world.